Direct action is any action carried out directly by a person to fulfill their aims without going through a third-party intermediary. Given the lack of action thus far by established channels of authority, the War Crimes Project supports direct action as a way of attaining some sort of reparations for injustice outside of the court system. For legal reasons, the War Crimes Project does not recommend any specific direct actions. However, the following are some resources you may find useful in thinking up your own:





  • Disclaimer

The legal statuses of different types of actions vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The War Crimes Project cannot guarantee that an action promoted on this website is legal in your jurisdiction. It is also prudent to check the legal status of an action, preferably with a lawyer though minimally by personally consulting relevant criminal statues, prior to engaging in it to make sure you are comfortable shouldering any legal responsibility that may be assigned to you as a result of your action. The War Crimes Project neither supports nor condemns illegal actions. We merely ask that you follow your conscience and accept responsibility for your actions.